Our Very First Blog!

Hello! Welcome to our first blog post! 

Tradition (or maybe OCD?) would state that this is where I should tell you about the history of this company. The obligatory "About Us" type thing. And I will at some point, I'm sure. But as I was considering that, an interesting thing happened. 

Memories. Flashbacks, almost- to my first experiences with some of these delicious drinks. Feelings of childhood, of happiness. I wanted to share. So, as the old adage goes, I will "write what I know" for this initial blog. 

The first time I tried Coca Cola was with my mother. On a busy street corner in New York City where she had just bought me a hot dog with sweet onions on top. The vendor only sold carbonated beverages, and I had never had one before. I was about 7. If we are being honest here, and of course we are- I was not impressed by the burning sensation of a carbonized drink. But once it went a little flat? This 7 year old was all in. A hot dog paired with a Coke is good.  

My first Yoo-Hoo was out of a soda machine in the lovely upstate New York town of Lake George in about 1982. The cute boy buying a can ahead of me had chosen one, so I did too. He would see that we had the same taste in drinks and would know immediately that we were meant to be. 

Welp. At least the Yoo-Hoo was a solid choice because that was the lasting relationship of this story.

Sprite was my grandmother's favorite. I had it for the first time at her house. Sprite was her jam, and it was mine as well for a long time after. It's just so refreshing! Though she would never say its name properly. She most often called it Sprit. Sometimes Spritz, and sometimes Spreet. I don't know what that was all about, maybe it was an Italian thing- how she pronounced the vowels or something. 

My father had a huge sweet tooth when I was a child. His father delivered candy and sodas in Manhattan for a living and Dad  would often go to work on the truck with him. And by work I mean take advantage of the opportunity to get his hands on some free Clark Bars and Coca Cola. 

My Dad could, and sometimes would, eat an entire watermelon in one sitting. 

But his true love was ice cream. French Vanilla, specifically. Is that still a thing? Anyway. 

One hot summer night when I was about 9. my Dad introduced me to one of his favorites. The Root Beer Float.   Deliciously bubbly root beer, made all creamy and wonderful with a scoop of the aforementioned French Vanilla ice cream. I mean, Wow!

This soda plus ice cream combo was something I would continue to experiment with for years to come. 

Grape soda and ice cream?

Orange soda and ice cream?

Yes, and yes! A revelation. In my eyes, my father was a genius.

Shortly thereafter, Dad got a bit of a grip on his ice cream addiction, with the help of the early 1980's health food trends. He started introducing me to things like bran flakes, granola, and spaghetti squash. He had a little tray of alfalfa sprouts growing on the kitchen window sill. He would only eat whole wheat pizza, which back then was equivalent to a piece of cardboard with sauce and cheese on it. I'm sure they've improved it by now, though I've not had a slice since. Is it any better? 

We parted ways, digestively, for a time. My taste buds were not mature enough for such things. 

Such is life. 

Now a days, my Dad still watches what he eats. But, he also enjoys a good root beer float once in a while too. It's all about balance, really. 


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